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Focus on running your business Think of us as your own little army of ninjas.  We are here to serve all your marketing needs and our sole purpose is help you increase your leads, thus increasing your customers, thus increasing your bottom line. As a small business ourselves, we know you can’t pay bills with clicks, you need sales, and a system to keep them coming in.  That’s what we’re here for.

Help on Demand

Help on Demand Running an enterprise is hard work.  Theres lot of moving parts just to make sure your product is right and ready to ship.  With all these responsibilities its hard to find the time to find new clients.  That’s where we come in.  With an assigned account manager that you can call on at anytime, we provide you all the marketing support you need to grow your business.

We tried all of the big boys in the small business marketing space but found that all they do is read from the same playbook. Vertical was able to adjust on the fly and generated a stream of fresh leads for us that we turn into customers.

Holly Larsen, Sun Gun Tanning

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In a sea of marketing companies, why us?

In today’s ever-changing economic environment, trusted advisors, experienced strategic thinkers, and value-added alliances are critical to your business success. Marketing is no longer about hype. It’s about solutions. It’s about strategy. It’s about vision. But most importantly, its about results.
  • Results driven marketing
    In all of our marketing, if we can’t measure it, we don’t do it.  Our customers come to us because of our ability to find what works in their industry and then scale til it hurts… Find out more
  • Dedicated Account Managers
    When you have a problem, we won’t send you to some help forum or outsourced live chat, our clients all have dedicated account managers whose sole job is to work with you and keep you happy. Find out more
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